Request Booking

From the calendar below, find the date you wish to book an event and click on the date block.  Jack’s existing / already booked events are listed to give you an idea if he’s available on a particular date.  You can’t modify an existing booking, but you can view the listing by clicking on the colored link.

Once you click on the calendar, an input form will appear.

** Enter the Event Title:  Please enter your club and / or event name.

** From / To Dates.  This will default to the date you selected.

** All Day:  Uncheck this box.  Doing so will open up times next to the dates.  Enter your start and end times.

** Repeats:  Do not check this box.

** Calendar:  Do not alter the “Booking Request” calendar entry.

**  Who: Enter your name, phone number, and email address.

**  Where:  Please enter the full address of where the event will be.

**  Additional Information:  Please enter any additional information which will help me book an event for you.

**  Level:  Please enter the dance level.

When we receive your request, we’ll review it promptly and will send you an email letting you know if your request can be approved.